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29 septembre 2012 6 29 /09 /septembre /2012 08:59

Bahrain: HRW’s Targets of Retribution focuses on Alkhalifa crimes

The Washington-based Human Rights Watch has published a 56-pages report titled “Targets of Retribution, Attacks against Medics, Injured Protesters, and Health Facilities”. This report documents the key elements of what appears to be a systematic campaign by the Bahraini government aimed punishing and intimidating medical professionals suspected of sympathies with protesters and hindering access to health care facilities for persons wounded by security forces. This is yet another addition to the countless reports of documented abuses committed by the Alkhalifa junta against Bahrainis who are subjected to dual and brutal occupation by the Al Khalifa and Al Saud clans.

On Wednesday 26th September the Alkhalifa clan decided to add two months prison sentence to a prominent human rights activist. Zainab Al Khawaja, who has been in jail for two months has been jailed for two more months with more sentences expected in the coming weeks. Bahrain’s judiciary has become another tool of repression in the hands of the repressive ruling family.

Yesterday Nabeel Rajab who has been in the torture dungeons for the past three months was brought to the court handcuffed for taking part in a peaceful demonstration. His case, as usual, has been adjourned until 16th October. In contrast a policeman who had shot Martyr Hani Abdul Aziz from a close range came to the court on his own, without even being detained. He was sentenced to seven years and is expected to be “pardoned” by the dictator within a shorter period. The killers of Ali Al Mo’men and Ali Mushaima was set free, while the most prominent human rights activist is languishing behind bars for peaceful expression of opinion.

Bahraini people were shocked yesterday by the news that two young men were killed by the Saudi forces at the town of Awwamiya. Khalid Abdul Karim Al Labbad, 25, was shot dead by the Saudi special forces who are trained to shoot-to-kill and liquidate enemies of the regime. Another younger boy, Mohammad Habib Al Manasef, 16, was also executed in the street by those evil forces. The Saudi regime claims that Martyr Al Labbad is on the wanted list that it had issued containing the names of 23 people it considered responsible for the massive protests that have wrecked the Eastern peninsula for more than a year. So far 17 people have been killed by the regime forces  which are known for their total disregard to human rights or compassion. A day earlier a senior cleric was arrested for speaking against the Al Saud dictatorship. Sheikh Hussain Al Radhi was abducted and taken to unknown location. His whereabouts are unknown.

While the Shiite Eastern Province is being subjected to murderous attacks by the Saudi forces,  hundreds of Sunni families in Riyadh, Al Jawf, Alqassim, Medina and Jedda have been protesting outside prisons and other offices of the interior ministry. These are the relatives of more than 10,000 political prisoners who have languished in torture cells for the good part of the past decade. None of them has been charged or tried. Few family visits are permitted under strict supervision. The lives of those families have been devastated as they parted with their loved ones who spend their youth behind bars. The Saudis and Alkhalifa are emboldened by American support under the unfounded claim of fighting terrorism. It is these repressive policies that nurture violence and cause polarisation of the situation.

On Tuesday 25th September two opposition members were in Rome for a meeting with the Italian Senate's human rights commission. Sayed Hadi Al mousawi and Dr Jassim Hussain said they are inspired by Gandhi, the late leader of the Indian independence movement. 'In Bahrain we have learnt very well the lesson of Mahatma Gandhi', said Jasim Hussein. 'Our protest is peaceful', said Hussein and Almossawi, who were invited to talk by Senator Marco Perduca. 'Our movement can be compared to the non-violent one of Gandhi. But the state has chosen since the beginning to respond with unprecedented violence'.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
28th September 2012

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