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29 octobre 2013 2 29 /10 /octobre /2013 01:32

The Legislative Measures to ensure the Integrity of the Upcoming Elections

. On September 25th, 2013, the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) organized a seminar entitled "the Legislative Measures to ensure the Integrity of the Upcoming Elections". It was presented by the leader of the Democratic Movement PartyMr. Mohammed Abbou.

The symposium was held at the CSID headquarters and attended by politicians, academics and civil society activists as well as the media. The main objective was to shed light on the issue of elections as a top priority in the national dialogue in the current period and as an essential element in the completion of the transitional phase.

The seminar was opened by the speech of Dr. Radwan Masmoudi, the CSID president, who welcomed the guests and mentioned that Tunisia is confronted with two essential requirements; the first is to finish the drafting of the Constitution and the second is to accomplish the composition of the High Independent Commission for Elections. He stressed the fact that this is the responsibility of all the National Constituent Assembly's deputies. Indeed, deputies at the NCA should be responsible for each postponement in the drafting of the Constitution either individually or collectively.

In his speech, Mr. Mohammed Abbou mentioned that a number of essential bases should be provided for elections to succeed and to be fair in any country worldwide. First of all, guaranteeing the freedom of organizing meetings for all parties. He added that several violations are witnessed in this respect that occurred during the last elections. He called for enacting a law that criminalizes any attempt to prevent any legal party or political assembly.

As a an essential condition for the success of the elections, Mr. Mohammed Abbou spoke about the role of media, press, the support of journalists, and the freedom of expression. He further clarified that the fair distribution of public publicity among all media is a perfect solution to ensure these means' impartiality and to confront the material difficulties, while ensuring these means' commitment to work ethics, non- dissemination of false news, and the investigation in the transfer of information and access to the source.

During his lecture, Abbou emphasized that among the most important mechanisms to ensure the transparency of the upcoming elections are monitoring the financing of political parties and media, preventing buying voters' voices. He pointed to the need to enact a law to prevent the probable illegal practices and the violations that could occur in the electoral process.

Mr. Mohammed Abbou stressed that he called, formerly as a member of the Congress for the Republic Party and currently as a leader of the Democratic Movement Party, for the necessity to neutralize the Administration from the political action. In such a way, public administrations do not serve a particular party at the expense of others, especially regarding the work of governors, mayors, and general managers. He noted that the process of neutralization has, already, started and conveyed his hope that this procedure continues.

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